In dreaming deep
to let it go down
a long shudder,thought after thought,
love the two of us

as in a story of love
with fairy and Ryan
lover’s ears exposed
as a moment of happiness
used by me in moments of Ecstasy
you,my beloved,with much pathos

you in my arms too Abdo
I’m in your wandering all lost
among the beauties dream
the splendors and you
I thought as a Sunrise !

then let’s get together,
from an account to another,
in eyes dilated pupils of beauties...
and in the hearts of fire of longing
in a State of sublime experience

then let us all sing love
with trembling sound of violins
and with fine fingers caressing
over the strings of the soul
with all my love for the two of us
the story of the world  !

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