Super engine electrostatic atmospheric
=Hurricane harvey , Irma , Jose...
and not only !
communication from Electro
geo-engineering academy
author ing. Ion Cireasa-Romania
Mr the President D.Trump
and Mr.the President V.Putin
and UN Organisation
and all the people on Earth

Here's my original theoryes
about extreme phenomenas !

Hurricane "Cherry" !!!
will be the largest in history because
crazy wather !
humanity is to blame for all the anomalies wather
specification :

hurricane is great engine electrostatic atmospheric
so ...
Hurricanes can be stopped or diverted !
since their formation !!!
in infancy!
electric potential hole is formed when a large electric potential difference between the ionosphere and negative ions of water (HO)in Earth' s atmosphere
Hurricane travel path is "scientific" !
hurricane can be halted until the stage of forming the
"by punturing " of the dielectric between ionosphere and the negative ions of the water (HO-)

artificial dielectric atmospheric evolution is key to stopping a hurricane !!!
about hijacking a hurricane will come back with details

God be with the people of the Earth !
un +1
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