Appeal to UN Organization !=UN Warning !
and for MR.President D.Trump
and for Mr. President V.Putin
and not only !
This post is a statement and an announcement from humanitarian ad Academy electro- geo-engineering author ing. Ion Cireasa-Romania
about great earthquakes and great hurricanes
about great extremes phenomenas that threaten people on Earth !

UN warning !
Life on Earth is in grave danger !
that increasingly is going to be great extremes
they are too large material damage and much loss of life
all these disasters happen because people unconscious action on the environment
and especially
because of changes in atmospheric chemistry by issuing in space substances oxygen consuming ...

substances that destroy the Earth protective ozone
UN Organization
Mr President D.Trump
Mr. President V.Putin
and not only!
in the Earth atmosphere we are dealing with a large invasion nitrogen
unless urgent action is taken to restore balance in the Earth atmosphere we will have to do soon

Apocalypse refrigeration !!!

Start a new ice age !!!

considering that my original theories about earthquakes and extreme phenomenas confirm long time ,
please note that
is in your power to do something to save people on Earth from
is in your power to stop or divert hurricanes dangerous
is in your power to detect in advance a major earthquake
is in your power to stop the desertification of the Terra
it is in your power to stop the apocalypse by freezing our planet Earth
I tell you ...
UN Organization

European Union !
to save life on Earth
I donate my original theories UN Organization !
I donate and methodes of applications and
I donate technical solutions to solve ...

if you ask me !!!

for clarification read please my original theories about earthquakes = instant magnetite magnetization...
about extreme phenomenas,
for the water cycle in nature
for water Electro-vaporization event= my original theories !,
for stopped and the diverted hurricanes !
for detect earthquakes
and not only !
in my blog personal "POEZII de Ion Cireasa"
and in my page Google+ Ion Cireasa

God be with you...
America , Russia , China , India , Indonesia , Japan
and Romania !

Warning !

Super - hurricane "CherrY"
and Great surface earthquakes
will happen according my previous postings

my predictions about earthquakes in Mexico were true 2 time recently ...

but ...
These disasters do not stop now !

will others next 5-6 days...
in area
California Mexico !
after passing
Super -Hurricane "Maria " !


The Earth planet will collapse !


Super-Hurricane "Cherry" !!!

will hit the junction of the 2 Americas
and not only !

in Central and S-E Europe...
( Spania, Germany, France ,Poland...
Italy ,Greece, Turkey, Serbia...)

happen be in next days (cca.10 days !)
surface earthquakes

in Romania in 2-10 days...
earthquakes in Vrancea
and great extreme phenomenas
( flooding, Tornade ...Hurricane "Mioritic":)))
and dangeros phenomenas in the Blach Sea

I come back details

God be with you ...
the romans !

and not only !

un +1
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