With my permission , in writing ,of course !
Allow the predictions in accordance
with My Theory for earthquakes=
magnetization instant from magnetite !

With my permission...
Only in the humanitarian target
For saving people from death , of course !
Only if you specific the source
and Copyright !
(namely My Theory !)


After Typhoon over Europe
from week which today is to finish ,

conditions in accordance with My Theory
for earthquake =mangetization instant from magnetite,

happenings now…unfortunately !
in areas Italy-Greece-Turkey
and in Romania=GURA TEGHII-Vrancea

Read , please, for edification
My Theory for earthquakes
from previous postings
and you will understand
why and how happenings earthquakes !


taking into account my predictions
everything I said was true and !
NOTE ! take into consideration the response
of the Earth’s delay…
for extreme phenomena , of course !


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