Earth's atmosphere is disrupted !
unpredictable weather because in Earth's atmosphere are emitted nonstop huge amounts of substances Electropositive and oxygen - consuming substances
extreme weather phenomena are common and very dangerous with all their consequences
= Major earthquakes !
= Massive flooding !
= killer storms !
and not only !

now ...
Earth's atmosphere is disrupted !

and all these atmospheric anomalies occurs mainly in the northern hemisphere of Earth because emissions of harmful substances in air...

now we have to do and " THYRISTOR EFFECT "in atmosphere ( read please ,for clarification , my original theories = thyrisstor effect in atmosphere on Terra ...
and not only ! in my blog personal "POEZII de Ion Cireasa")
This phenomenon ( "thyristors effect !") will mean some large areas of natural phenomena HAARP !
huge electrical discharge between earth and ionosphere

Oxygen consumption of the earth 's atmosphere !
enormous and following a sudden cooling weather
by the
Invassion of nitrogen in the terrestrial atmosphere !!!
( read please my original theorie in posting "NAVALIRE DE AZOT !")

Schumann resonance !
entering the atmosphere in proximity HAARP area with the possibility of occurrence of extreme events dangerous and seemingly inexplicable

changing potential thermodynamic telluric
= Charnot reversed by the effect of cycle thermodynamic and , as a consequence , may occur in
magnetite earthy major earthquakes = instant magnetite magnetization ( for clarification ,read please my original theories foe earthquakes = instant magnetite magnetization underground in my blog personal "POEZII de Ion Cireasa" )
I tell you...
thease abnormal weather will amplify !

God be with you...

and will be disaster on Earth
if , soon...
there will be a forced atmospheric interference between the two hemispheres of the Earth
throught a critical atmospheric imbalance !!!

it will be the end of humanity !
all and all will rollover !!!

even Earth 's magnetic field !

oxygen, by HAARP natural, will disappear by natural extreme phenomenas=
= invasion of nitrogen huge !
Apocalypse humanity !


freezing the Earth !


I will return with details...

God be with you ...

will surface earthquakes all over the world ...
( in area California , texas , MEXICO -CHILE...
in area Central Europe and S-E ...
China, India, Indonesia, Japan )

and in ROMANIA !

because of large terrestrial electromagnetic storms
and sudden cooling
in every area after a long inertial = waiting time !
( for clarification , read please my original theories for earthquakes and the extreme phenomenas ,
and not only !,
in my blog personal "POEZII de Ion Cireasa"


can be 4-10 days underground
and deppending on the specific seismic zone ,
the season ,
the depth at which there is maximum concentration of magnetite underground ...
and not only !

God be with you , people on Earth !

this posting is a  humanitarian ad
for the people on the Earth !
Academy Electro Geo-engineering
author ing. Ion Cireasa-Romania

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