FLOOD (potop!) over Europe !
now ...   electrostatic potential huge between Earth and atmosphere
it means great   electro-vaporization(negative ion water ) by tellurica membrane
and because invasion with NITROGEN in atmosphere the next instantaneously
huge rainfall    large storms threaten large areas
will  be conditions for possible surface earthquakes everywhere in Europe
in the period (...13....18-25... )03 2016   and in ROMANIA ! (even the Black Sea !)
for clarification read please my Original Theories
in my blog "Poezii de Ion Cireasa"
1.The water cycle in nature
2. Magnetization instant for magnetite=earthquakes
3.causality adjustable ring in nature
4.Invasion with NITrOGEN in atmosphere
and others original Theories

in areas Indonesia-Japan continuing earthquakes
for edification read please
my previous predictions

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