Will follow in a few days
the massive tremor of magnetite-Fe3O4
but only average surface and depth

In area

Italy-Greece-Turkey and Romania ( Gura Teghii !)

are possible starting now
huge electric-magnetic storm
telurica network of magnetism is depressed

(high thermodynamic potential in the pit of electrical potential !
very electrocinetica
very active due to the combustion of electrochemistry
in Earth’s crust )

It is now a huge transfer of electric charges
between the Earth and the atmosphere
loaded now  with SAHARIAN  DUST  !
of electric particles
and everything is magnified

(with the possible magnetic RESONANCE of magnetite-Fe3O4
because in this area thermodynamic potential of earth crust
is at maximum due to a delay reply for a balance
of telluric magnetism
including the spontaneous magnetization of magnetite
starting at the Earth’s surface

as the danger of volcanic eruptions
(possible Etna or Vesuvius
maybe Nisyros or… in Cappadocia !!!)


in California-Mexic-Chile –Japan and Indonesia

Because in these areas
the magnetic balance of the earth crust
has no reached the normal parameters
the delays in response from the causa
(thermodynamic potential of earth crust is high
Read again now
“My Integrator for extreme phenomena !’’

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